Fresh from her sell-out London show, and a packed Canterbury Festival appearance, Ginger Bennett presents the music from her Arts Council funded show, Songs from My Soul. This is a rare opportunity to engage with the writer, producer and star of the show as she talks about the stories of Being, Becoming and Belonging that helped shape the compositions of Ginger Bennett & Frances Knight.

We will laugh too! Ginger is best viewed up close and personal leaning towards the laughter and the lighter side of life. Come and share your stories as the project enters its final phase and inspire the Songs from my Soul Team to immortalise your story in song.

The music gives voice to the stories of hard-working, strong Black women who came to Britain for a better life and, despite the odds, survived and kept their families together. “But still, like dust, I’ll rise….” as Maya Angelou once sang for a generation.

These are songs of longing and love, for a country that may not always show it or feel the same, we may mark the absence of it from parents who want better for us and as we long for it, are we mindful of the legacy we are leaving for children we hoped to serve better.

"My mum has tried everything to make us British. We had to speak properly and try to drop our accent.. but when I use 'proper english' at home she tells me I've forgotten where I come from" Angela 14

The Team:
Ginger Bennett - Vocals
Frances Knight - Keys
Bass - Martin Elliot
Sax/Flute - Matt Miles

'The poignant lyrics of Legacy tell a story where even in what should be considered a multicultural society, prejudices remain.' - Trevor Moss, Academy FM

'She lays her soul bare; we love her for it and wish we were as brave.'

'Such a beautifully soulful voice.' - BBC Radio Kent

The event will also feature Bernadette Hawkes, Canterbury Christ Church Gospel Choir and students.

Join us for an evening of music, conversation and laughter.

Dates and times

This event finished on 02 December 2022.

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